Things you should not be doing while Wearing Jewellery


One of the most common misconceptions among people is that they think jewellery cannot be destroyed. After all most jewellery are made out of metal and stones, and there are many things which could possibly destroy them.

When you wear jewellery, you need to treat it right and wear it only when it matters the most. If you happen to treat it carelessly, you might have to face the consequences. There are certain places where you need to remove the jewellery you are wearing if you want to keep it safe for a long time. So to extend the life of your jewellery, do not wear them while you are any of the below-mentioned actions:



The kitchen is the one room in your home where your jewellery does not belong. If you are going to cook while wearing jewellery you are going to damage your jewellery. The cooking oils and fats will cause stains in your jewellery and minute food particles can get stuck in the ring settings. While doing the dishes the soap and the detergent might cloud up on the stones on your jewels, and your stones will lose its lustre. You also have the risks of slipping the rings or chains in the garbage disposal by mistake. So remember to remove all your jewels and then go into the kitchen.

Applying hair lotion:

Hair lotion and other beauty products can dull down the lustre of the stones in the jewels. Thus, before you apply any lotion or hair spray make sure that you are not wearing any jewellery. When you are applying hair stray, a film gets built up over time, and it will reduce the brightness of the jewel.


Whether you are taking a swim at the swimming pool or at the beach, you need to take your jewellery off before jumping into the water. When you are in the water, your fingers tend to shrink, and you might lose your rings. There are also chances to lose earrings with loose backings. The chlorine in the water can also cause damage to your jewels.




When you are exercising you must wear the most minimal amount of jewellery or no jewellery at all. When you are doing harsh physical activity, you might harm your jewels and damage them. To avoid any damages, breakages, cracks or loss of stones, it is better if you remove your jewellery before exercising. When you wear a lot of jewellery, you will also feel quite uncomfortable, and you will not be able to the exercises properly.


The risk of damaging your jewellery while sleeping is quite minimal, but you might hurt yourself or someone who is sleeping next to you. You might also feel uncomfortable while sleeping and thus it is advised to remove all your jewels before you sleep.