Why are people obsessed with Jewellery?


Have you ever across someone who is totally obsessed with jewellery? For most of us jewels are just a piece of stone or metal, but for others, it is a representation of beauty, memory and life journey. Do you ever remember wearing a piece of jewellery during the happiest days of your life and whenever you see that piece of jewellery your mind takes you back to those carefree days? There are plenty of reasons why people wear jewellery, and we have compiled some for you:

Gifted by someone dear to them:

A friend of mine happens to wear her diamond earrings all the time, and she would never remove them. One day, she misplaced one of them, and she completely lost it. Well, you could always buy another pair, but the one she had was special. It had emotions and love mixed with it; it was the diamond earrings her husband had bought her.  Well, sometimes it is the emotions behind the jewellery that makes it so precious. It is the person who gave the jewel to you who makes the jewellery special.

Jewellery can represent an entire culture:

Most stones have a story behind it, and it can even represent a culture of a particular community. If you take a look at the African tribes, they wear beads made out of precious stones. Some of them are considered sacred while others are used as ornaments by the women in the community.

Jewellery represents an individual’s style:


Jewellery represents who you are and your life journey. It speaks about the places you have travelled, the experiences you have had and the fights you have fought. We all have had days where we would be wearing the most casual dress but would still want to wear that one piece of jewellery which makes you feel complete. There is always this one piece of jewellery which makes you feel beautiful. Such jewellery brings out the style and beauty in you.

It keeps our loved ones close to us:

Though the above sentence may literally not make any sense when you take a closer look, jewellery does make us closer to our loved ones. Remember the time when you hung on to a piece of jewellery just because it was worn by someone you loved dearly? You might not actually like the jewellery, but it is the person behind that jewellery which makes it unique.

Jewellery is money:

Well, at the end of the day when you come past all emotions and beauty you have to talk about the blind truth. People are obsessed with jewellery as it is made out of costly and precious stones which cost a lot of money. There are many countries where people are obsessed with wearing gold and diamond jewellery to show their wealth.