Lawsuit Against Katy Perry for Missing Jewelry of $120,000 Dropped

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New Year heaves a sigh of relief to the singer Katy Perry after the lawsuit on her stylist for missing $120,000 worth designer jewelry was dropped. The insurance firm Lloyd’s of London has dropped all the claims against Jamie Schneider Mizrahi, the owner of a fashion company ‘JHSTYLING’ and personal stylist of Katy Perry. It was in February when the Lloyd’s of London had sued JHSTYLING of failing to return a few pieces of jewelry they had lent to the singer for her Grammy’s performance in 2017.

They sought the services of a law firm back in February for filing this lawsuit against Katy and Jamie. The value of missing pieces of jewelry amounted to $120,000. JHSTYLING was not available to respond to this allegation.

What Led to the Lawsuit?
Popular diamond jewelry maker, Firestar Diamonds, the brand behind the creation of Nirav Modi jewelry, is the complainant. The Firestar Diamonds had insured their jewelry with London-based Lloyd’s insurance. Nirav Modi often lends pieces of jewelry to celebrities directly or sometimes through a third party PR firm. They do this for the celebrities to style up on the red carpet events or in award shows.

The brand is famous for designing exclusive diamond designer jewelry, and it is common for celebrities like Katy Perry to choose them for their solitaires.

In the same way, Katy Perry’s stylist had arranged to get a few of the selected pieces for Katy to wear at the Grammy’s 2017. The stylist, Jamie Schneider Mizrahi, had acquired the same via a third-party PR firm. They sought a few pieces of jewelry, 18 to be precise.

Later, at the time of returning, as per the insurance firm Lloyd’s, Katy had only returned 14 out of the 18 jewelry pieces. The worth of missing three rings and an earring was a whopping $120,000!

Though Katy wore many pieces of jewelry for the awards show and later at the after-party, it is not clear as to which of these jewels were missing. Lloyd’s of London took no time to report the missing pieces while consulting a law firm to file a lawsuit.

The Current Scenario
Now things have turned in favor of Katy Perry’s stylist Jamie. The singer has been embroiled in other legal battle owing to copyright infringement too recently. With this lawsuit on the missing designer jewelry by the law firm dropped, Katy surely can look for better times ahead.