How to clean and maintain nose jewelry

saline nasal spray

Getting nose jewelry is not a demanding exercise; it is the aftercare that requires a lot of attention and time from you. Nose piercings usually take weeks or even up to months to heal and this is why cleaning and maintaining one is very important. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep debris out of the piercing and also prevent infection.

Remember that too much dirt can also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, and this may lead to infection. This is why any new nose jewelry is essentially just an open wound that bacteria can easily enter and potentially lead to an infection.

Use a saline spray
A saline nasal spray is the standard cleaning option for a nose jewelry. Usually, your piercer would recommend the best nasal spray which you are to use at least twice every day. The spray will be used with cotton balls and thick paper towels or cotton cloths. All you will do is apply the saline nasal spray and dry it out with a cotton ball.

Do it yourself
You can consider making a sea salt rinse by yourself. You can also make a tea tree oil and use it for cleaning if you have a tender nose. To make the best saline nasal spray, thoroughly add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt into warm distilled water. You can then dip the cotton balls in the solution or alternatively, put your nose in a cup of the water. Do not use table salt. Rather, use fine-grain sea salt and you can find this at most grocery stores that have the spices.

Move the ring
Apart from using a saline nasal spray, one of the other things you can do to maintain nose jewelry is moving the ring to avoid getting stuck in a position. This is particularly necessary for new or infected piercings that may become stuck in the skin as a result of scabbing or dried pus as the piercing heals. You can press the jewelry subtly and gently back and forth through the piercing.

Wash your hands
Before you do anything to the jewelry, endeavor to wash your hands. You know that you touch a lot of things throughout the day and those things touched introduce different kinds of bacteria to your hands. As a result of this, wash your hands thoroughly anytime you want to clean your piercing.

How often should I clean my Jewelry?
It is important for you to know how frequent you are to clean and maintain your nose jewelry. During the healing period, which may take up to 6 months for the typical nostril jewelry, clean the piercing twice every day. It is believed that cleaning more than twice per day can dry out the skin around the jewelry and bring about irritation while cleaning less than twice per day may allow bacteria to accumulate in the piercing. Lastly, to get started on the right foot, you should start cleaning your nose piercing from the very day you get it.