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Why People Love Antique Jewelry

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There’s never been a better time to go antique, with more people than ever buying vintage, antique, and pre-loved options as compared to modern day high street products. When it comes to shopping vintage, it’s not surprising to know that antique jewelry is very high in demand. Antique jewelry is always in style because it […]

Lawsuit Against Katy Perry for Missing Jewelry of $120,000 Dropped

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New Year heaves a sigh of relief to the singer Katy Perry after the lawsuit on her stylist for missing $120,000 worth designer jewelry was dropped. The insurance firm Lloyd’s of London has dropped all the claims against Jamie Schneider Mizrahi, the owner of a fashion company ‘JHSTYLING’ and personal stylist of Katy Perry. It […]

How to clean and maintain nose jewelry

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Getting nose jewelry is not a demanding exercise; it is the aftercare that requires a lot of attention and time from you. Nose piercings usually take weeks or even up to months to heal and this is why cleaning and maintaining one is very important. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep debris out of […]

Best Essential Oil Jewelry on Etsy

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Oil diffuser jewelry is not an ordinary fashion trend. This type of jewelry uses aromatherapy that has long-lasting spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. When you wear oil diffuser or essential oil jewelry, you can get all the aromatherapy benefits without visiting the spa. In short, it is a fashionable and portable way to use an […]

Amazing Marijuana Jewelry Collections for Your Stylish Outfits

Marijuana Jewelry

Marijuana lovers are always curious to find the best ways to keep some herb inspired pieces with them; in a few cases, it can be a jewelry item as well. The secret of earing marijuana jewelry collections is that they look elegant and reflect your love towards cannabis industry in a catchy way. A few […]

Best Pharmacy Jewelry On Etsy

Etsy is an amazing place to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else! From bespoke jewelry, tees and more, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when browsing Etsy’s vast collection of goods and services. You’ll even find the best pharmacist jewelry on Etsy! Show off your pride for your profession by […]

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Wine is one of the most awesome beverages on the planet! Wine enthusiasts everywhere can’t get enough of their favorite white or red wine. The complex, exquisite drink has a number of favorable traits and characteristics. You look classy drinking wine, it tastes amazing (depending on your favored wine styles) on its own or paired […]

Top Etsy Essential Oils Diffuser Rings

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Aromatherapy is better enjoyed in any home using the right cbd oil ring diffusers. An environment is bound to come to life with a few drops of essential cbd oils properly dispersed into the atmosphere. Whether you are diffusing a single cbd oil or a combination of several essential oils, a diffuser can make the […]