Best Tshirt Necklaces on Etsy

Have you ever dressed up, looked in the mirror and wonder what is missing? Often most people find that an accessory is missing. Having a necklace on, is one those accessories that is sure to make a person not just look beautiful but feel beautiful. Fashion trends even for accessory tend to move at a fast pace and currently the T-shirt necklace is the must-have accessory. It is made from t-shirts that has been cut and woven into a multi-strand environmentally friendly necklace.

Are you keen on getting on the T-shirt necklace trend? Etsy is the platform for and this article will help highlight the best T-shirt necklaces to buy.

The Summer Scarf, Infinity Scarf:

This is a gorgeous infinity scarf that comes in a variety of colors like green, black and blue. It is handmade using Leather cuff, recycled T-shirts, buttons and a tree image pendant jewelry. The infinity scarf can be made into a single loop of 50 inches and a double loop of 25 inches. It is easy to clean and goes for a price of £17.43 on Etsy. Based on the reviews you can tell it is a great buy for a summer accessory.

Oak Twig Curved Bar Necklace:

The oak twig curved bar necklace is a modern form of the necklace which is unique in construction and marvellous in creation. The Oak Twig Necklace is a beautiful piece made from the twigs of an Oak tree and glosses with sterling silver and 24-carat gold. It is quite pricey but you can get on Etsy for £112. Trust me it is worth the cost.

The Chunky Necklace:

This piece of jewelry is one of the most affordable T-shirt necklaces you can find on Etsy. It is made in turkey from recycled fabrics left at the factory. It comes in a variety of colour combination so as to give you that stylish look and did we mention it is designed like a crochet with a length of 38cm.

T-Shirt Yarn Necklace Neon Green Necklace Upcycled Necklace:

This is one of the most popular choices when picking out a t-shirt necklace on Etsy. It is made from cotton that is sustainable and washable by machine. It is a great complimentary look for people who intend to capture an audience. It has more than 20 reviews, which goes to show that it a great necklace to have.

New life T-shirt Necklace Navy and white striped:

New Life T-shirt Necklace is a t-shirt yarn necklace that is both soft and made of wooden beads. This piece of jewelry is handmade and come in a simple but yet elegant design. The makers of the jewelry have pledged to gift 50% of the income in sales to charity. Therefore, when you buy this jewelry, you to look good while doing some good in the world.

You can go wrong by accessorising with a T-shirt necklace, you get to look good and save the planet as most of the materials used is recycled and cause no harm to the environment. Visit Etsy today to get yourself a trendy t-shirt necklace.