Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Wine is one of the most awesome beverages on the planet! Wine enthusiasts everywhere can’t get enough of their favorite white or red wine. The complex, exquisite drink has a number of favorable traits and characteristics. You look classy drinking wine, it tastes amazing (depending on your favored wine styles) on its own or paired with other meals and treats and it even has quite a few health benefits! If wine is your drink of choice or favored by someone you know and love, here are some of the best wine Etsy jewelry pieces:

  1. Wine Glass Necklace

Show a wine lover how much you love them by indulging them with a quaint wine glass necklace! The dainty piece includes a red wind glass charm and the choice of an initial, bead or stamped heart and a beautiful chain. It’s a great gift for any wine enthusiast and the perfect piece of jewelry to wear wine tasting or simply having a wine night with friends and family.

  1. Red Wine Pendant

This unique necklace features a wine bottle that’s being poured into a cup with the chain acting like the wine! The handmade piece is simply yet classy for any wine lover you know. The silver wine bottle and wine glass features edges that are filed and sanded for a smooth finish. It’s also available in plated and sterling silver if requested. Etsy jewelry doesn’t get any better than this!

  1. Wine Charm Bracelet

If you know someone who loves charms then this wine charm bracelet is the perfect gift for them! The lovely personalized silver wine charm bracelet is perfect for someone who appreciates cute jewelry and fine wine. The bracelet features a variety of charms, including a wine glass, wine opener, grapes charm, wine bottle and a few more, resulting in the perfect bracelet to pair with a wine tasting trip.

  1. Wine Earrings

This perfect wine lover gift is small but sweet! The hand-cut resin earrings are in the shape of a wine glass and would look adorable with any outfit. The studs are topped with resin to create a glass-like finish. The earrings are quaint and cute, making them an excellent “just because gift” for a friend. And you can’t beat this adorable Etsy jewelry price, meaning you’ll be able to buy a set for yourself!

  1. Wine Inspired Handstamped Cuff Bracelets

If you enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle and you and your bestie need a bit of flash to an outfit, then these statement wine-inspired handstamped cuff bracelets are perfect! You can choose from a variety of witty wine sayings that match your preferred wine style. Or you can show off your love for wine by buying all of them and stacking them on top of each other and other Etsy jewelry you find.

  1. Wine Lover Bracelet

Any wine connoisseur will appreciate this wine lover bracelet, which features a pendant charm that’s made from stainless steel and lists a variety of favorite wines and wine descriptors that any wine enthusiasts will be familiar with. It’s simple yet dainty and the cuff fits all and the perfect Etsy jewelry piece for any wine lover!

  1. Wine and Friends Bracelet

Give your beastie and wine loving friend a beautiful wine and friends bracelet. This Etsy jewelry piece is super cute with a funny saying – “Wine And Friends Get Better With Age.” The piece features a 1” stainless steel engraved disc, 20” chain, wine bottle charm and glass leaf and purple Swarovski crystal bead.