Best Essential Oil Jewelry on Etsy

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Oil diffuser jewelry is not an ordinary fashion trend. This type of jewelry uses aromatherapy that has long-lasting spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. When you wear oil diffuser or essential oil jewelry, you can get all the aromatherapy benefits without visiting the spa.

In short, it is a fashionable and portable way to use an ancient practice of scent for healing emotional and physical ailments. You can find all kinds of essential oil jewelry on Etsy, from necklaces to bracelets to beads and more.

Following are some of the essential oil jewelry pieces available on Etsy that you might be interested in:

Glass Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace

Glass essential oil necklaces trap the essential oils inside, allowing them to slowly seep out and scatter the calming scent. This particular glass essential oils diffuser necklace is handmade and comes with a syringe. You can inject essential oil quite easily in it through the small hole on the glass charm. The necklace has 60 centimeters length and it is available in different colors, including pink, green, blue, clear, and more. The chain of the necklace is made with stainless steel/sterling silver. The pendant is made of acrylic, alloy metal, and glass.

Lava Beads | Rainbow Round Diffuser Beads

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Lava stone and clay are very popular materials for oil diffuser necklaces. With these materials, you can add several drops of the essential oil to the beads. The beads then absorb the oil and diffuse the scent. Made with gemstone, this particular product features colored volcanic lava stone material and has a 15-inch strand length. Beads have different sizes ranging from 6mm to 16mm. The color choices are simply amazing and you can easily place a few droplets of essential oil onto the beads and let it settle. After that, you can wear them directly or place them into your locket.

Healing Crystals Amazonite Bracelet

This handmade bracelet is another great essential oil jewelry piece available on Etsy. Made with wood & nut and gemstone, the Healing Crystals Amazonite Bracelet is great when it comes to soothing stress and promoting calmness. Rose gold spacers, white lava beads, matte rosewood beads, and amazonite gemstone beads are some of the key features of this gorgeous oil diffuser bracelet. The product is great for amazonite crystal therapies as you can easily add essential oil to the white lava beads and filter out stress, sooth energy, and heal trauma no matter whether you are at home or at your workplace.

Crystal Essential Oil Vial Necklace

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This handmade, gold-plated crystal essential oil vial necklace features 24-inch length and is ideal for storing your favorite essential oils. It also comes with a lava bead for extra essential oil diffusing ability. Available colors include peacock, midnight black, champagne dreams, and light smoke. The chain is only available in gold plated finish; however, you can request the seller for a different finish.

Applying the oil is easy as you simply need to unscrew the perfume vial top and add a few drops of essential oil to the vial.