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Things you should not be doing while Wearing Jewellery

One of the most common misconceptions among people is that they think jewellery cannot be destroyed. After all most jewellery are made out of metal and stones, and there are many things which could possibly destroy them.

When you wear jewellery, you need to treat it right and wear it only when it matters the most. If you happen to treat it carelessly, you might have to face the consequences. There are certain places where you need to remove the jewellery you are wearing if you want to keep it safe for a long time. So to extend the life of your jewellery, do not wear them while you are any of the below-mentioned actions:



The kitchen is the one room in your home where your jewellery does not belong. If you are going to cook while wearing jewellery you are going to damage your jewellery. The cooking oils and fats will cause stains in your jewellery and minute food particles can get stuck in the ring settings. While doing the dishes the soap and the detergent might cloud up on the stones on your jewels, and your stones will lose its lustre. You also have the risks of slipping the rings or chains in the garbage disposal by mistake. So remember to remove all your jewels and then go into the kitchen.

Applying hair lotion:

Hair lotion and other beauty products can dull down the lustre of the stones in the jewels. Thus, before you apply any lotion or hair spray make sure that you are not wearing any jewellery. When you are applying hair stray, a film gets built up over time, and it will reduce the brightness of the jewel.


Whether you are taking a swim at the swimming pool or at the beach, you need to take your jewellery off before jumping into the water. When you are in the water, your fingers tend to shrink, and you might lose your rings. There are also chances to lose earrings with loose backings. The chlorine in the water can also cause damage to your jewels.




When you are exercising you must wear the most minimal amount of jewellery or no jewellery at all. When you are doing harsh physical activity, you might harm your jewels and damage them. To avoid any damages, breakages, cracks or loss of stones, it is better if you remove your jewellery before exercising. When you wear a lot of jewellery, you will also feel quite uncomfortable, and you will not be able to the exercises properly.


The risk of damaging your jewellery while sleeping is quite minimal, but you might hurt yourself or someone who is sleeping next to you. You might also feel uncomfortable while sleeping and thus it is advised to remove all your jewels before you sleep.



Why are people obsessed with Jewellery?

Have you ever across someone who is totally obsessed with jewellery? For most of us jewels are just a piece of stone or metal, but for others, it is a representation of beauty, memory and life journey. Do you ever remember wearing a piece of jewellery during the happiest days of your life and whenever you see that piece of jewellery your mind takes you back to those carefree days? There are plenty of reasons why people wear jewellery, and we have compiled some for you:

Gifted by someone dear to them:

A friend of mine happens to wear her diamond earrings all the time, and she would never remove them. One day, she misplaced one of them, and she completely lost it. Well, you could always buy another pair, but the one she had was special. It had emotions and love mixed with it; it was the diamond earrings her husband had bought her.  Well, sometimes it is the emotions behind the jewellery that makes it so precious. It is the person who gave the jewel to you who makes the jewellery special.

Jewellery can represent an entire culture:

Most stones have a story behind it, and it can even represent a culture of a particular community. If you take a look at the African tribes, they wear beads made out of precious stones. Some of them are considered sacred while others are used as ornaments by the women in the community.

Jewellery represents an individual’s style:


Jewellery represents who you are and your life journey. It speaks about the places you have travelled, the experiences you have had and the fights you have fought. We all have had days where we would be wearing the most casual dress but would still want to wear that one piece of jewellery which makes you feel complete. There is always this one piece of jewellery which makes you feel beautiful. Such jewellery brings out the style and beauty in you.

It keeps our loved ones close to us:

Though the above sentence may literally not make any sense when you take a closer look, jewellery does make us closer to our loved ones. Remember the time when you hung on to a piece of jewellery just because it was worn by someone you loved dearly? You might not actually like the jewellery, but it is the person behind that jewellery which makes it unique.

Jewellery is money:

Well, at the end of the day when you come past all emotions and beauty you have to talk about the blind truth. People are obsessed with jewellery as it is made out of costly and precious stones which cost a lot of money. There are many countries where people are obsessed with wearing gold and diamond jewellery to show their wealth.



Top Etsy Essential Oils Diffuser Rings

Aromatherapy is better enjoyed in any home using the right cbd oil ring diffusers. An environment is bound to come to life with a few drops of essential cbd oils properly dispersed into the atmosphere. Whether you are diffusing a single cbd oil or a combination of several essential oils, a diffuser can make the difference. Via an cbd oil diffuser ring, you can have that restful sleep your body needs after a long day at work. With the combination of the right essential cbd oil through any cbd oil diffuser rings, you are bound to experience a mental clarity that is needed for out of the box creativity.

There’s a lot of essential oils can to the human body and the environment. However, it’s all determined by the cbd oil diffuser ring used for dispersion. Simply put, the quality of your essential cbd oil can only be felt when it can permeate every pore right to the brain. There are a wide range of cbd oil diffuser rings, each with its strength and shortcomings. Imagine being able to wear your favourite essential cbd oil on your fingers. This allows you to carry the ambience around wherever you find yourself. On Etsy, there are hundreds of cbd oil diffuser rings, which is why we’ve selected 6 of the best cbd oil diffuser rings. Any of these cbd oil diffuser rings will change how you feel about yourself, emotional wellbeing and psychological;

1. Hidden Compartment 18K White Gold Oil Ring Diffuser
etsy ring

There’s a uniqueness about this cbd oil ring diffuser. You can buy this for yourself or as an engagement ring for your partner. No one will have to know there’s a secret compartment someone. They will be too carried away by the scent and the beauty it oozes.

2. Lava Rock Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Ring

An cbd oil diffuser doesn’t have to be costly to be beautiful. Neither does it have to be elegant to create a positive aura all over your persona. Carefully made from Lava rock to deliver cbd oils into every and anywhere you find yourself.

3. Sea Shell and Volcanic Lava Stone Oil Diffuser Ring

When water meets fire, there’s always a change of atmosphere. The fusion of sea shells and volcanic lava is responsible why your presence is always announced easily. You carry in you a clear mind, a sound body and a strengthen spirit as a result of the cbd oil diffuser ring on your finger.

4. Unakite Oil Diffuser Ring

Probably the cheapest on the list but one of the best cbd oil diffuser rings available out there. It is the quality can only be described by a user. There’s rarely the best words to capture the feeling created by this cbd oil ring diffuser. It sends out the cbd oils into the nook and crannies of your body and whoever you come in contact with.

5. Brass Filigree and Flower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Rings

There are beauties in life that can only be seen and noticed when in the right state of mind. Being in the right state of mind can be achieved when there’s a clarity of vision. And this clarity is brought about by an experience of aromatherapy.

Best Android Jewelry Applications

Technology and most importantly the internet has changed our lives to a whole another level. Previously people never imagined that they would have such an easy access to all the information they wanted but now you just type the word you want some information on and there you go with hundreds of pages and thousands of search results.

The best part is that not only Google and Bing are the platforms where you can find everything you want. In fact, now if you open up the Google play store on your Android phone and type in the product you want, you can easily find hundreds of applications for it. As an example today we are going to jot down some of the best Android Jewelry applications for you.

You see, finding the best jewelry around you can be a little tricky and let’s face it, it’s quite hectic to visit the market and search tens of shops to find the perfect earrings or necklace. And what if after so much physical exertion you are unable to find the perfect pair? Obviously no one would want to waste their whole day looking for jewelry but ending up with mere exertion.

Luckily, as said earlier, you can now use your Google play store and find some amazing applications from where you can buy and order the jewelry of your choice, that too at your doorstep.

Android apps

Here is a compilation of some of the best Android applications for jewelry;

1-Brian Gavin Diamond Application

Are you in search of some outstanding diamond jewelry? Well, the Brain Gavin Diamond application is what you need to download at the moment because with this app you will be able to easily access a great variety of diamond jewelry. What actually happens is that after you download the app, you get directed to the Brain Gavin team and experts who then guide you and help you with the selection of jewelry. The best part about this application is that it allows the users to search for loose diamonds, check the latest updates and it also comes with customized options so yes, this app is a must try for a diamond lover.


The Voylla app is just amazing for all the variety lovers out there. Imagine an application where you can see all the exclusive offers on the latest jewelry designs? Isn’t it great? Well, if it is then you need to download the Voylla app right at the moment because they have everything you’ll ever wish for. From traditional art to contemporary day out, Voylla will be the best companion that you’ll ever have. Moreover, this app comes with several options like you can pass on a Voylla moment to someone you love or you can give someone a gift just by using the app. And the most loveable part about this app is that you can spend within your budget. Yes, you read it right, unlike all the other applications out there, you don’t have to break a bank to buy a pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace that you like because the prices here at Voylla are extremely reasonable.

3-Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry

The reason why we’ve added this application in our top favorites is because first, the variety here is just awesome and secondly this app has quite a good rating. The user reviews are also excellent so yes you can expect some next level quality products from this site. At Jared you will get an offer that will be five times the selection of the ordinary jewelry stores. With this app you will get to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience online. Another reason why this app is the best is because here there is a team of experts that can guide you about the selection of jewelry, you just have to tell the kind and nature of jewelry you are searching for and they will find it for you and put it right in front of you, that to in extremely reasonable rates.

Their website comes with an education center where you can learn about jewelry and compare prices with the same articles available in the market out there.


Imagine a 3D jewelry application where you get to design and buy your own jewelry just as per your choice. Isn’t the mere thought of it exciting? Well, if it does sound exciting to you then you need to go to your play store right now and download WizeGem. Especially as a man you now no longer have to head to the store and buy a wedding ring for your wife or a diamond ring for your anniversary. In fact, you just have to download the application and self design the ring for your women.

You can also sale your personalized jewelry using this platform because this app is quite versatile and it comes with a lot of opportunities.

5-Pandora Jewelry

Pandora has always been a name of quality jewelry and if you are someone who loves their products then yes this application is a must download for you. Here you can easily browse all of the Pandora catalogue and make a purchase right at the spot. This app can also help you locate the nearest Pandora shop no matter where you are in the world. In a nutshell, this application is the best for those who just love to shop on Pandora.

These are a few applications that can come in handy to you if you want to purchase online jewelry. These apps are safe and secure when it comes to the payment process and the best part is that the reviews of these Android apps are also good enough. So, without wasting any further time, just go to you play store and download any of the above mentioned apps. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the apps and the products on them too.

Best iPhone Jewelry Apps

Are you looking for the best piece of jewelry for the next family wedding? Or you need some jewelry inspiration to complement your newly bought attire? No need to rush to your nearest stores to find perfect jewelry around you. Gone are the days when you had to visit the local stores for jewelry shopping. In the ear of smartphones, best jewelry apps can help you shop beautiful designs easily and comfortably. Shop for a variety of jewelry pieces from elegant earrings and stunning rings to gorgeous necklaces and pretty pendants. How about buying a pair of classy bangles or a couple of dainty bracelets. Here are some of the best iPhone App to shop for gold, diamond, gemstone, and solitaire jewelry online:

  1. Brian Gavin Diamond App

Brian Gavin is an international brand for stunning diamond jewelry. If you want to buy an elegant diamond ring, you cannot find a better iPhone App than this. The app lets you directly access the amazing variety of diamond jewelry offered by Brian Gavin Diamond. Choose your pick from a stunning collection of fine-cut diamonds carved in astonishing designs to match your style statement. Pick your ring or necklace from signature jewelry pieces to redefine your style or get a piece of jewelry customized according to your unique specification to make a statement in your engagement. You can also buy loose diamonds and get them carved in your self-designed jewelry pieces. The app also keeps you updated about special deals and exclusive limited-time-only offers.

  1. Bling Finder App

If your idea of jewelry shopping is to search through various brands to find that perfect bling for your beloved than Bling Finder is definitely the best iPhone App to look for. You this app you can easily and comfortably search for a stunning piece of jewelry from various leading brands such as Ritani, Verragio, Tacori, Henri Daussi, and many more. This helps you get a comparative idea about the price offerings from famous brands. Search from a collection of over 3,000 rings and signature jewelry pieces. Whether you need a wedding band, an engagement ring, a stunning neck piece, or a flake of fashion jewelry; just search and you will find it on Bling Finder App.

  1. Blue Nile App

Are you looking for a more interactive experience of fine jewelry pieces, fine-cut diamonds, and exclusive engagement rings? Just download the Blue Nile iPhone App. Along with a collection of mesmerizing jewelry pieces, the app provides an easy buying process and sharing features for Facebook and Email. You can also get your dream engagement ring customized from the Blue Nile. Get a snap of your hand and see how your ring looks in your finger before you actually hit the buy button. Pick your selection from a collection of spellbinding designs and ring styles.

  1. Ross-Simons Jewelry Finder

How about picking a stunning piece of ornament from America’s most favorite jewelry store? Ross-Simons Jewelry Finder iPhone App allows you to browse gold and diamond jewelry from the most leading brand in America. Pick marvelous fashions jewelry and latest style ornaments from Italy and all over the world. The app is updated every month to include fine jewels and stunning gifts. Get fabulous jewelry pieces at great prices and 100% guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite iPhone App and start shopping for your next statement ring to bling in style!

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Wine is one of the most awesome beverages on the planet! Wine enthusiasts everywhere can’t get enough of their favorite white or red wine. The complex, exquisite drink has a number of favorable traits and characteristics. You look classy drinking wine, it tastes amazing (depending on your favored wine styles) on its own or paired with other meals and treats and it even has quite a few health benefits! If wine is your drink of choice or favored by someone you know and love, here are some of the best wine Etsy jewelry pieces:

  1. Wine Glass Necklace

Show a wine lover how much you love them by indulging them with a quaint wine glass necklace! The dainty piece includes a red wind glass charm and the choice of an initial, bead or stamped heart and a beautiful chain. It’s a great gift for any wine enthusiast and the perfect piece of jewelry to wear wine tasting or simply having a wine night with friends and family.

  1. Red Wine Pendant

This unique necklace features a wine bottle that’s being poured into a cup with the chain acting like the wine! The handmade piece is simply yet classy for any wine lover you know. The silver wine bottle and wine glass features edges that are filed and sanded for a smooth finish. It’s also available in plated and sterling silver if requested. Etsy jewelry doesn’t get any better than this!

  1. Wine Charm Bracelet

If you know someone who loves charms then this wine charm bracelet is the perfect gift for them! The lovely personalized silver wine charm bracelet is perfect for someone who appreciates cute jewelry and fine wine. The bracelet features a variety of charms, including a wine glass, wine opener, grapes charm, wine bottle and a few more, resulting in the perfect bracelet to pair with a wine tasting trip.

  1. Wine Earrings

This perfect wine lover gift is small but sweet! The hand-cut resin earrings are in the shape of a wine glass and would look adorable with any outfit. The studs are topped with resin to create a glass-like finish. The earrings are quaint and cute, making them an excellent “just because gift” for a friend. And you can’t beat this adorable Etsy jewelry price, meaning you’ll be able to buy a set for yourself!

  1. Wine Inspired Handstamped Cuff Bracelets

If you enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle and you and your bestie need a bit of flash to an outfit, then these statement wine-inspired handstamped cuff bracelets are perfect! You can choose from a variety of witty wine sayings that match your preferred wine style. Or you can show off your love for wine by buying all of them and stacking them on top of each other and other Etsy jewelry you find.

  1. Wine Lover Bracelet

Any wine connoisseur will appreciate this wine lover bracelet, which features a pendant charm that’s made from stainless steel and lists a variety of favorite wines and wine descriptors that any wine enthusiasts will be familiar with. It’s simple yet dainty and the cuff fits all and the perfect Etsy jewelry piece for any wine lover!

  1. Wine and Friends Bracelet

Give your beastie and wine loving friend a beautiful wine and friends bracelet. This Etsy jewelry piece is super cute with a funny saying – “Wine And Friends Get Better With Age.” The piece features a 1” stainless steel engraved disc, 20” chain, wine bottle charm and glass leaf and purple Swarovski crystal bead.

Best Pharmacy Jewelry On Etsy

Etsy is an amazing place to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else! From bespoke jewelry, tees and more, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when browsing Etsy’s vast collection of goods and services. You’ll even find the best pharmacist jewelry on Etsy! Show off your pride for your profession by sporting some custom Etsy jewelry pieces that are made just for pharmacists. Here are some of the best pharmacist jewelry pieces on Etsy:

  1. Pharmacist Keychain

If you’re not into jewelry, you can still show your pride with this dazzling pharmacist keychaing! The Etsy jewelry piece is hand finished by an expert craftsmen and is durable for everyday use. The high-quality piece is great for yourself or a gift for any special pharmacist in your life. The blinged-out piece will definitely stand out among your keys!

  1. Pharmacist Bangle Bracelet

This piece of unique Esty jewelry is the perfect piece for any pharmacist to wear to work. The Pharmacist bangle bracelet comes in stainless steel with gold plated pewter pharmacy charms. Rest-assure that these charms are high quality pieces that are made in the U.S. and contain no lead. It’s adjustable so it can go smaller or larger depending on your wrist size.

  1. Double Pendant Pharmacist Keychain

If you know a special pharmacist who needs some amazing customized Etsy jewelry just for them, then this Double Pendant Pharmacist Keychain is just for them! The main pendant is hot pink chevron with teal accents or coral chevron with teal accents personalized with any name and the word “pharmacist.” Then there’s the accent pendant that has the quote “She believed she could so she did.”

  1. Rx Necklace

Show your favorite pharmacist how much you love hem with this cute Rx Etsy jewelry necklace! The time is a great personalized gift that ships the same day you order it! The piece is a Rx charm on a long chain necklace that will delight any pharmacist!

  1. Pharmacist keychain

This personalized pharmacist keychain is hand stamped on an aluminum disc with the name and Pharm.D stamped on a 1” copper disc The Rx charm is also added to the pin to create an outstanding look for any pharmacist you know.

  1. Pharmacist Antique Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet

This unique piece of Etsy jewelry is simply gorgeous! The Rx heart charm is stunning and the stainless steel twist bracelet is beautiful. It also features a dainty mortar and pestle charm that adds more depth to this piece. The antique look just enhances the bracelet’s charm.

  1. Rx Earrings

These Rx pharmacist earrings are dainty and cool. They hang about 1” down from the earlobe and are quite an affordable gift for any pharmacist you know who loves jewelry!

  1. Bill Bottle Charm

This gold plated pewter Rx medicine bottle dangles down on a dainty 18” gold plated brass chain. It’s the perfect gift for a pharmacist!

  1. Pharmacist Rx Necklace

This is a beautiful Rx charm setting in a laboratory beaker pendant and birthstone charm on an 18” chain. You can choose an initial to place on the necklace to make it personalized!

  1. Retired Pharmacist Key Ring

If you know of a retired pharmacist, then this it the perfect gift for them! The Retired Pharmacist Key Ring features three antiqued silver tone charms that they’ll love and admire. And the key ring will already come with a card inside of an organza bag so that you can give it as a gift after it’s shipped to you!

Best Tshirt Necklaces on Etsy

Have you ever dressed up, looked in the mirror and wonder what is missing? Often most people find that an accessory is missing. Having a necklace on, is one those accessories that is sure to make a person not just look beautiful but feel beautiful. Fashion trends even for accessory tend to move at a fast pace and currently the T-shirt necklace is the must-have accessory. It is made from t-shirts that has been cut and woven into a multi-strand environmentally friendly necklace.

Are you keen on getting on the T-shirt necklace trend? Etsy is the platform for and this article will help highlight the best T-shirt necklaces to buy.

The Summer Scarf, Infinity Scarf:

This is a gorgeous infinity scarf that comes in a variety of colors like green, black and blue. It is handmade using Leather cuff, recycled T-shirts, buttons and a tree image pendant jewelry. The infinity scarf can be made into a single loop of 50 inches and a double loop of 25 inches. It is easy to clean and goes for a price of £17.43 on Etsy. Based on the reviews you can tell it is a great buy for a summer accessory.

Oak Twig Curved Bar Necklace:

The oak twig curved bar necklace is a modern form of the necklace which is unique in construction and marvellous in creation. The Oak Twig Necklace is a beautiful piece made from the twigs of an Oak tree and glosses with sterling silver and 24-carat gold. It is quite pricey but you can get on Etsy for £112. Trust me it is worth the cost.

The Chunky Necklace:

This piece of jewelry is one of the most affordable T-shirt necklaces you can find on Etsy. It is made in turkey from recycled fabrics left at the factory. It comes in a variety of colour combination so as to give you that stylish look and did we mention it is designed like a crochet with a length of 38cm.

T-Shirt Yarn Necklace Neon Green Necklace Upcycled Necklace:

This is one of the most popular choices when picking out a t-shirt necklace on Etsy. It is made from cotton that is sustainable and washable by machine. It is a great complimentary look for people who intend to capture an audience. It has more than 20 reviews, which goes to show that it a great necklace to have.

New life T-shirt Necklace Navy and white striped:

New Life T-shirt Necklace is a t-shirt yarn necklace that is both soft and made of wooden beads. This piece of jewelry is handmade and come in a simple but yet elegant design. The makers of the jewelry have pledged to gift 50% of the income in sales to charity. Therefore, when you buy this jewelry, you to look good while doing some good in the world.

You can go wrong by accessorising with a T-shirt necklace, you get to look good and save the planet as most of the materials used is recycled and cause no harm to the environment. Visit Etsy today to get yourself a trendy t-shirt necklace.

Amazing Marijuana Jewelry Collections for Your Stylish Outfits

Marijuana lovers are always curious to find the best ways to keep some herb inspired pieces with them; in a few cases, it can be a jewelry item as well. The secret of earing marijuana jewelry collections is that they look elegant and reflect your love towards cannabis industry in a catchy way.

A few years ago, it was controversial to wear such accessories, but with the legalization of marijuana in most countries; marijuana jewelry has finally become a popular trend. People are always curious to buy some of the best collections of marijuana inspired wearables to add a special touch to their attire. The great news is that many big brands are in favor of you as they are supplying many stunning marijuana jewelry collections at a reasonable price. It means you can fulfill your dreams without putting a hole in the pocket.

Chain with a marijuana leaf pendant

Chain with a marijuana leaf pendant:
You can see many celebrities setting up this marijuana jewelry trend in the market. It is possible to find attractive necklace with catchy marijuana leaf pendant that can grab everyone’s attention to your neckline. It is possible to find this jewelry item in the form of three precious metal combinations; you can pick 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, and 14k yellow gold as well.

Get matching pendants:
Whether it’s a father-daughter duo or girlfriend – boyfriend combination, it is possible to find some of the most attractive matching pendants online. People find it most impressive choice to highlight their style statement in an elegant way. When you move out on a dinner date with the love of your life; prefer to highlight your pair with the stunning matching pendant. You can pick any pair out of existing designs in the market or talk to your trained gemologist to design something unique to meet your requirements.

Marijuana inspired earrings:
Millennials can find a variety of ways to add marijuana to their life, and it further elevates their lifestyle. Prefer to buy the most elegant marijuana leaf earrings online to add an artistic impact to your overall personality. They may appear tiny pieces of jewelry, but they have a huge potential to capture everyone’s attention towards your style. These earrings can be paired up with any outfit during a weekend party.

Elegant leaf finger ring:
How can we forget to talk about the elegant and impressive finger rings? They look fantastic with all the outfits, and you can wear them for any occasion. People love to pick tiny leaf styling finger ring for their office hours; however, the large weed leaf designs look more elegant on weekend parties with friends.

It is time to go online and pick some of the most beautiful designs of marijuana jewelry for your routines. You can buy the most elegant collections at a reasonable price to reflect your unique style. Prefer to load your wardrobe with some of the most amazing marijuana jewelry items and start pairing them with your outfits to impress the world.

Best Essential Oil Jewelry on Etsy

essential oil

Oil diffuser jewelry is not an ordinary fashion trend. This type of jewelry uses aromatherapy that has long-lasting spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. When you wear oil diffuser or essential oil jewelry, you can get all the aromatherapy benefits without visiting the spa.

In short, it is a fashionable and portable way to use an ancient practice of scent for healing emotional and physical ailments. You can find all kinds of essential oil jewelry on Etsy, from necklaces to bracelets to beads and more.

Following are some of the essential oil jewelry pieces available on Etsy that you might be interested in:

Glass Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace

Glass essential oil necklaces trap the essential oils inside, allowing them to slowly seep out and scatter the calming scent. This particular glass essential oils diffuser necklace is handmade and comes with a syringe. You can inject essential oil quite easily in it through the small hole on the glass charm. The necklace has 60 centimeters length and it is available in different colors, including pink, green, blue, clear, and more. The chain of the necklace is made with stainless steel/sterling silver. The pendant is made of acrylic, alloy metal, and glass.

Lava Beads | Rainbow Round Diffuser Beads

essential oil

Lava stone and clay are very popular materials for oil diffuser necklaces. With these materials, you can add several drops of the essential oil to the beads. The beads then absorb the oil and diffuse the scent. Made with gemstone, this particular product features colored volcanic lava stone material and has a 15-inch strand length. Beads have different sizes ranging from 6mm to 16mm. The color choices are simply amazing and you can easily place a few droplets of essential oil onto the beads and let it settle. After that, you can wear them directly or place them into your locket.

Healing Crystals Amazonite Bracelet

This handmade bracelet is another great essential oil jewelry piece available on Etsy. Made with wood & nut and gemstone, the Healing Crystals Amazonite Bracelet is great when it comes to soothing stress and promoting calmness. Rose gold spacers, white lava beads, matte rosewood beads, and amazonite gemstone beads are some of the key features of this gorgeous oil diffuser bracelet. The product is great for amazonite crystal therapies as you can easily add essential oil to the white lava beads and filter out stress, sooth energy, and heal trauma no matter whether you are at home or at your workplace.

Crystal Essential Oil Vial Necklace

essential oil

This handmade, gold-plated crystal essential oil vial necklace features 24-inch length and is ideal for storing your favorite essential oils. It also comes with a lava bead for extra essential oil diffusing ability. Available colors include peacock, midnight black, champagne dreams, and light smoke. The chain is only available in gold plated finish; however, you can request the seller for a different finish.

Applying the oil is easy as you simply need to unscrew the perfume vial top and add a few drops of essential oil to the vial.