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Things you should not be doing while Wearing Jewellery

One of the most common misconceptions among people is that they think jewellery cannot be destroyed. After all most jewellery are made out of metal and stones, and there are many things which could possibly destroy them.

When you wear jewellery, you need to treat it right and wear it only when it matters the most. If you happen to treat it carelessly, you might have to face the consequences. There are certain places where you need to remove the jewellery you are wearing if you want to keep it safe for a long time. So to extend the life of your jewellery, do not wear them while you are any of the below-mentioned actions:



The kitchen is the one room in your home where your jewellery does not belong. If you are going to cook while wearing jewellery you are going to damage your jewellery. The cooking oils and fats will cause stains in your jewellery and minute food particles can get stuck in the ring settings. While doing the dishes the soap and the detergent might cloud up on the stones on your jewels, and your stones will lose its lustre. You also have the risks of slipping the rings or chains in the garbage disposal by mistake. So remember to remove all your jewels and then go into the kitchen.

Applying hair lotion:

Hair lotion and other beauty products can dull down the lustre of the stones in the jewels. Thus, before you apply any lotion or hair spray make sure that you are not wearing any jewellery. When you are applying hair stray, a film gets built up over time, and it will reduce the brightness of the jewel.


Whether you are taking a swim at the swimming pool or at the beach, you need to take your jewellery off before jumping into the water. When you are in the water, your fingers tend to shrink, and you might lose your rings. There are also chances to lose earrings with loose backings. The chlorine in the water can also cause damage to your jewels.




When you are exercising you must wear the most minimal amount of jewellery or no jewellery at all. When you are doing harsh physical activity, you might harm your jewels and damage them. To avoid any damages, breakages, cracks or loss of stones, it is better if you remove your jewellery before exercising. When you wear a lot of jewellery, you will also feel quite uncomfortable, and you will not be able to the exercises properly.


The risk of damaging your jewellery while sleeping is quite minimal, but you might hurt yourself or someone who is sleeping next to you. You might also feel uncomfortable while sleeping and thus it is advised to remove all your jewels before you sleep.



Why are people obsessed with Jewellery?

Have you ever across someone who is totally obsessed with jewellery? For most of us jewels are just a piece of stone or metal, but for others, it is a representation of beauty, memory and life journey. Do you ever remember wearing a piece of jewellery during the happiest days of your life and whenever you see that piece of jewellery your mind takes you back to those carefree days? There are plenty of reasons why people wear jewellery, and we have compiled some for you:

Gifted by someone dear to them:

A friend of mine happens to wear her diamond earrings all the time, and she would never remove them. One day, she misplaced one of them, and she completely lost it. Well, you could always buy another pair, but the one she had was special. It had emotions and love mixed with it; it was the diamond earrings her husband had bought her.  Well, sometimes it is the emotions behind the jewellery that makes it so precious. It is the person who gave the jewel to you who makes the jewellery special.

Jewellery can represent an entire culture:

Most stones have a story behind it, and it can even represent a culture of a particular community. If you take a look at the African tribes, they wear beads made out of precious stones. Some of them are considered sacred while others are used as ornaments by the women in the community.

Jewellery represents an individual’s style:


Jewellery represents who you are and your life journey. It speaks about the places you have travelled, the experiences you have had and the fights you have fought. We all have had days where we would be wearing the most casual dress but would still want to wear that one piece of jewellery which makes you feel complete. There is always this one piece of jewellery which makes you feel beautiful. Such jewellery brings out the style and beauty in you.

It keeps our loved ones close to us:

Though the above sentence may literally not make any sense when you take a closer look, jewellery does make us closer to our loved ones. Remember the time when you hung on to a piece of jewellery just because it was worn by someone you loved dearly? You might not actually like the jewellery, but it is the person behind that jewellery which makes it unique.

Jewellery is money:

Well, at the end of the day when you come past all emotions and beauty you have to talk about the blind truth. People are obsessed with jewellery as it is made out of costly and precious stones which cost a lot of money. There are many countries where people are obsessed with wearing gold and diamond jewellery to show their wealth.



Top Etsy Essential Oils Diffuser Rings

Aromatherapy is better enjoyed in any home using the right cbd oil ring diffusers. An environment is bound to come to life with a few drops of essential cbd oils properly dispersed into the atmosphere. Whether you are diffusing a single cbd oil or a combination of several essential oils, a diffuser can make the difference. Via an cbd oil diffuser ring, you can have that restful sleep your body needs after a long day at work. With the combination of the right essential cbd oil through any cbd oil diffuser rings, you are bound to experience a mental clarity that is needed for out of the box creativity.

There’s a lot of essential cbd oils can to the human body and the environment. However, it’s all determined by the cbd oil diffuser ring used for dispersion. Simply put, the quality of your essential cbd oil can only be felt when it can permeate every pore right to the brain. There are a wide range of cbd oil diffuser rings, each with its strength and shortcomings. Imagine being able to wear your favourite essential cbd oil on your fingers. This allows you to carry the ambience around wherever you find yourself. On Etsy, there are hundreds of cbd oil diffuser rings, which is why we’ve selected 6 of the best cbd oil diffuser rings. Any of these cbd oil diffuser rings will change how you feel about yourself, emotional wellbeing and psychological;

1. Hidden Compartment 18K White Gold Oil Ring Diffuser
etsy ring

There’s a uniqueness about this cbd oil ring diffuser. You can buy this for yourself or as an engagement ring for your partner. No one will have to know there’s a secret compartment someone. They will be too carried away by the scent and the beauty it oozes.

2. Lava Rock Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Ring

An cbd oil diffuser doesn’t have to be costly to be beautiful. Neither does it have to be elegant to create a positive aura all over your persona. Carefully made from Lava rock to deliver cbd oils into every and anywhere you find yourself.

3. Sea Shell and Volcanic Lava Stone Oil Diffuser Ring

oil diffuser rings

When water meets fire, there’s always a change of atmosphere. The fusion of sea shells and volcanic lava is responsible why your presence is always announced easily. You carry in you a clear mind, a sound body and a strengthen spirit as a result of the cbd oil diffuser ring on your finger.

4. Unakite Oil Diffuser Ring

Probably the cheapest on the list but one of the best cbd oil diffuser rings available out there. It is the quality can only be described by a user. There’s rarely the best words to capture the feeling created by this cbd oil ring diffuser. It sends out the cbd oils into the nook and crannies of your body and whoever you come in contact with.

5. Brass Filigree and Flower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Rings

There are beauties in life that can only be seen and noticed when in the right state of mind. Being in the right state of mind can be achieved when there’s a clarity of vision. And this clarity is brought about by an experience of aromatherapy.